Thursday, February 14, 2008

my loves...

learning french, collecting scarves, color order, chicken in buckets, breezes, chaos, solitude, you, list making, road trips, photo booths, gold, trivial pursuit, salmon, wikipedia, airplane snack boxes, staying in bed all weekend, avocados, perfect songs, boots, hot air balloons, feathers, french fries, freeways, poppies, talking snapdragons, being alone, chicago, romantic comedies, lemon juice, evolution, scrabble, amazing friends, pedicures, obsessing over nothing, candles, coca cola, other people's polaroids, the ghost chair, typography, heather gray, oragami, san francisco, dance offs, ghost stories, public transportation, grocery shopping, electric blankets, double entendres, mobiles, flea markets, mysteries, soda can pirate ships, wood grain, broccoli, barnacles, love seats, mechanical pencils, algebra, dinosaurs, time travel, tight pants, pizza, main st, graph paper, gardens, shared closets, beards, sunday mornings, movie nights, long beach, exploration, people who match their dogs, reunions, dreams, haircuts, grabbing the exact amount of hangers for the pile of shirts you are about to hang, purple, presents, pinatas, ponies, far away friends, scones, tuesdays, happy hour, falling asleep, looking in other people's homes, the lunch hour, mornings, sunglasses with chains, oxfords, big lots & the 99 cent store, boutique browsing, children's haircuts, mantles, the mensa workout, still lifes, paisley, giant rhinestones, inspiration blogs, passports, dance class, beyond the valley, mcsweeny's lists, colored glass, helsinki, farmers market, bangs, geisha ice cream cones, drunk texts, antisocial tendencies, winning, the omelette guy

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