Sunday, February 15, 2009


finally getting around to my tag from the ugly earring....

1. i am fairly certain that some time in my life i will gt a paper cut on my eye. this thought terrifies me.

2. every time i get into the car i look in the back seat to make sure there's no rapists or murderers hiding out.

3. i always read the last page of a book before i finish it. i try so hard not to, but the anticipation kills me!

4. i obsessively put things in color order.

5. when i was a kid, i was playing ball in the garage and i broke the speedometer on my dad's harley, so i drew a picture of a new speedometer and taped it onto his motorcycle.
(he still has the picture)

now i'm going to tag lisa of hot child in the city (new fav) and miss alex sanchez (if you feel like it).

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my little apartment said...

my theatre teacher got a paper-cut on her eyeball. she had a post-it on her telephone and when she switched ears...well, you can envision the rest. OUCH.