Sunday, September 13, 2009

26 things to do before I turn 26

1. learn to surf
2. go back to school
3. live minimally
4. finish infinite jest
5. go on a roadtrip
6. join an adult softball league
7. ride my bike more often
8. spend more time with my girl friends
9. drink 8 glasses of water every day
10. grow out my hair
11. ride in a hot air balloon
12. get one tattoo for every year
13. master world geography
14. quit saying "like" & misusing "good" //as in: "how are you?" "i'm like totally good!"
15. learn spanish
16. bungee jump or skydive
17. learn to drive a stick shift
18. take vitamins every day
19. quit watching tv
20. escape the retail world
21. adopt a dog
22. make crafts for my friends
23. save up money
24. leave the country
25. stop worrying
26. learn to trapeze


Anonymous said...

come up and visit lisa! i'll teach you how to surf :)

michelle b

my little apartment said...

this is a great idea, Lees! I've been more aware of how I respond to "how are you?" and am finally used to saying "I'm very well" instead of "I'm good!". I like it.

simply sweet sweetly complicated said...

SO cute! This made me realize girls are the same at any age and in any city, even as strangers. I think I have many of these on my 32/ 32 list.

Sara said...

lisa, i want to read infinite jest too. maybe we can motivate each other through a book club.